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This page is a prompt to create a new Wayward Sandbox Page. Don’t create them in excess, and don’t mess with the sandboxes of other users. Once you create your sandbox, keep it saved somewhere so you can access it again. We suggest you use your username as the page name, but it can have any title as long as you can remember it.

Make use of the Tab snippet that Wikidot provides to keep your different articles on one sandbox page!


If you want to write a standard article on an aberrant, make a sandbox under the “Article Sandbox” field.

If you wish to write anything else, create a sandbox under the “Bahane Sandbox” field.

Final Drafts

Only use these if your article is ready to be published. Make sure you have read the Writing Guide and have checked out how to post!

Article Submission

The posting of aberrants can be automated through saving through the module above. Remember to add the rating module. If you tag it with the correct aberrant category, it could be found on the Aberration Catalog.

Bahane Submission

Tale Submission

The posting of tales can be automated by saving through the module above. Upon saving your article through the module above, it will automatically be added to the Tales Hub. Remember to add the rating module.

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