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Hunters of the Occult and Paranormal in Europe

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Name: Hunters of the Occult and Paranormal in Europe
Aliases: N/A
Number: Medium, at least hundred known members from at least ten different nations
Type: Affiliate Organizations
Threat Level: None
Society Policy: Friendly, the group is manly in the European region, as such are interaction only on the international scale needed.

Description: Coalition of Hunters of the Occult and Paranormal in Europe, for short HOPE, is an association of several European groups which, according to their own statements, has existed since the beginning of the 18th century. Despite its esoteric and occult origin, HOPE is equipped with the most modern equipment in the field of handling the supernatural. So-called hunting units traditionally consist of various experts from the Member States, which should strengthen the spirit of solidarity.

Additional Information: International interactions are always negotiated on behalf of the Seven by The Secretary, resulting in a situation where no one knows the names of the seven families. Despite the power that the name "The Seven" has, they are more symbolic.

Aims: The aims of HOPE are relatively similar to those of The Society.

History: It was documented in the archives that the original seven founding members had existed in a certain form since at least the Middle Ages, but it was not until the end of the 16th century that Europe-wide cooperation came up. Before the union, the current members were much more limited to their own nations, but unlike their then governments were not averse to working together to control dangerous aberrants. The founding is less known for reasons that are not entirely clear, but the "official legend" says that a witch, a druid, a knight, a priestess, a huntress, a hermit and an ancient deity swore that they would protect Europe from the forces that threatened to destroy it, and that no fate could divide them. Despite some differences during the witch-hunts, the First and Second World Wars and the four magical crisis, HOPE remained true to its principles of not inflicting unjustified suffering, which strengthened the group.

Known Members
The Seven The Seven is a ring of descendants of the founders of HOPE.
Louise Kernen The second most powerful person after the Seven. At the moment she takes the position of "The Secretary".

Despite the dilution of traditions through changes, the knowledge about dealing with paranormals has been preserved. But we are also only human beings, which means that we sometimes need the help of others. Would you like to be this help?

— Louise Mertens, The Secretary

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